22nd September 2019

Spriograph Studies (album launch)

w/ Gelareh Pour + Adam Simmons / Laneous (solo)

26th May 2019

Lucy Roleff (album launch)

w/ Pascal Barbare / Mindy Meng Wang + Genevieve Fry

24th May 2019

Prudence Rees Lee ‘Growing Closer’ Listening Party

13th May 2019

Pateras / Baxter / Brown (album launch)

w/ Is There A Hotline? / McConnachie + Barnes

23rd March 2019

Seagull + Mckisko (double album launch)

w/ Lucy Roleff

9th March 2019

Yffer / Requin / Narcoleptor

31st January 2019

Lori Goldston (USA)

w/ Evelyn Ida Morris / Aarti Jadu

9th January 2019

Mary Lattimore (USA)

w/ The Orbweavers

9th November 2018

On Diamond (single launch)

w/ Sky Voltage / Sabina Maselli

20th October 2018

Sainthill (album launch)

w/ Lehmann B Smith / Great Outdoors

21st September 2018

Caroline No / Shoeb Ahmad / Oliver Mann / Mary Doumany

13th + 14th September 2018

Ned Collette (album launch)

w/ Ela Stiles / Trappist Afterland

w/ Leah Senior / Michael Beach

26th August 2018

Avalon Beach / Living Currency / Torrential Brain

21st July 2018

Crush Crush (Evelyn Ida Morris + Aviva Endean) (album launch)

w/ Supina Bytol / Mossy

7th April 2018

Magic Steven / The Person / Cold Hands Warm Heart / Lee Hannah

26th February 2017

A Thousand Tones launch

OK Sure / Emah Fox / Toyah Hoetzel / Cold Hands Warm Heart / Crush Crush (Aviva Endean + Evelyn Ida Morris) / The Person / Sha She / Quadrifid


28th January 2017

True Strength

w/ Nick Tsavios + Deborah Kayser / BJ Morriszonkle / Chris Rainier


4th December 2016

Hello Satellites

w/ Mares / Tariro Movondo


27 November 2016

Vladimir the Crow (One night only)

Paul Bourke Theatre


22 May 2016

Age of Floods

w/ Yffer / Sean M Whelan / Peter Knight


30th April 2016

Fead Magazine Launch

w/ Tall Shores / Jamil Zacharia / Harmonie Bryne / Sid O'Neli( Vasco Era)


24th April 2016

On Diamond ( single launch)

w/ Oliver Mann / High Council (USA)


6th March 2016

Cold Hands Warm Heart album launch

w/ Mick Turner / Superstar / Grand Salvo

art installations by Briony Barr and KT Sunny


9th January 2016

Francis Plagne 'Funeral Mutes' album launch

w/ Oren Ambarchi + Crys Cole / Tim Coster / Pat O'Brien


25th October 2015

Lyra Will 'Letting Go' album launch

w/ Lisa Salvo / Oliver Mann


30th August 2015

Caroline No

w/ Cold Hands Warm Heart / Nicola Watson / Judith Hamann


3rd July 2015

Yuko Kono / True Strength / Evelyn Morris / The Perfect Human (Carolyn Connors + Jenny Barnes + Aviva Endean)


1st July 2015

Zulya and the Children of the Underground

w/ Cold Hands Warm Heart


26th October 2014

Lisa Salvo 'I Could Have Been A Castle' album launch

w/ Yuko Kono


17th July 2014

Sainthill 'Man Alive' album launch

w/ Lisa Salvo


29th June 2014

Hello Satellites

w/ Carpark Choir


28th May 2014

Grand Salvo

w/ Evelyn Ida Morris / Void Glorious Void / True Strength


8th May 2014

Magic Mountain Band

w/ Goodbye Enemy Airship


16th February 2014

Lehmann B Smith

w/ Cold Hands Warm Heart / Andrew Kershaw / Nick Tsiavos


18th September 2013

Aviva Endean + Samuel Duscombe perform Pierluigi Billone's 1+1=1

w/ James Rushford


28th July 2013

True Strength

w/ Connors + Hamann / Peter de Jager / Sam Sherry


28th April 2013

Prudence Rees Lee / Cold Hands Warm Heart / Evelyn Morris / Ida Dueland Hansen

performance by Anna Lumb + John Gosper


24th March 2013

Mot and the Family Band 'In Loving Memory' tape launch

w/ Andrew Kershaw


4th November 2012


w/ Cold Hands Warm Heart / Sean M Whelan + Isnod / Aya Melody / The Boy Who Spoke Clouds


9th June 2012

Sainthill 'Dear VIctoria' album launch

w/ Josh Armistead


3rd June 2012

The Spheres / Matthias Schack Arnott + Ida Dueland Hansen


24th November 2011

Genevieve & Jezebel / Mon Ami / Lisa Salvo / Anita Quayle


2nd October 2011

Oliver Mann / Genevieve & Jezebel / Amplifier Machine / Saint August


4th September 2011

Winternationale / Great Earthquake / Lyra Will / Sainthill


8th May 2011

Josh Armistead / Mon Ami / Genevieve & Jezebel / Lyra Will / Seth Rees